Hey y’all! My name is John Rowland and I’m currently an Associate Video Producer for the Commonwealth of Kentucky where I work for the Kentucky State Police. I am available for hire on a freelance basis. My previous stops of employment are the University of Kentucky and Ole Miss where I worked in athletics. During my time at UK I served as a student editor then progressed to a Content Producer at Ole Miss. While working full time at Ole Miss, I also pursued my Masters degree. Upon completion in May 2020 I graduated with a Masters degree in Journalism.

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On thing I have tried to work on during the 19-20 season was to work on my coloring abilities. Below is an example of footage shot in log and colored via Davinci Resolve. One video reveals the colored image from the log footage whereas the other is all the colored footage.

In the below projects, I aided in shooting interviews, editing content to find different narratives throughout the game, and wrote the script for the game cut and voiceovers.